Our specialised industry experience is unparalleled. Our principal focus is creating products for the specialist beverage and consumable retail market: With Whitebeans™ expertise you can compete with global super-brands


Between our founder, our technical and manufacturing partners, and our broader resources, Whitebeans™ expertise spans branded and private label product development in these specialized sectors, as well delivering in-depth familiarity with UK, US and global consumer markets


Whitebeans™ principal, Andrew Richardson develops bespoke blends and roasts coffee for celebrity chefs, independent and franchised restaurants, Michelin starred eateries, investor backed brands, leading supermarkets, Hotels and caterers and more. He's also been asked to develop and anchor a quirky, informational coffee TV series ! Look for it to be syndicated to a TV channel near you soon ?


Anyone can do coffee that tastes like everyone else's. But not everyone has the experience to deliver remarkable blends that'll win acclaim. To achieve excellence that takes knowledge of varieties, soils, climate, agronomy, harvesting, processing, taste profiling, roast technique, product engineering, extraction performance. And global market experience combined with a passion for innovation


Richardson has worked at various levels with roasters and coffee businesses in USA, Australia, UK, Italy and Eastern Europe. He's built 500+ espresso bars across America and Canada; trained hundreds of barista's (including three US Barista champions); built a 'shrine to espresso' for a Hollywood producer, and espresso expertise to a collection of 'A-list' movie stars; directed business operations for the worlds leading commercial and consumer espresso machine brands, and won independent acclaim with 'best in market' and 'best in field' premium espresso blends


Today he works with select green coffee brokers, roasters, encapsulators and packaging companys across Europe, blending, roasting and coordinating manufacturing for restaurants, investors, supermarket brand leaders, chefs and more



One of the most important 'phase 1' activities Whitebeans™ conducts was conceived with one purpose: getting more from coffee through flavour profiling


Almost everyone in the world is a 'coffee expert' based on their personal preference. Yet consumers always want a better coffee in their cup


With Richardson's unique ability to flavour profile coffee, we can highlight taste characteristics to make new blends better. We can adjust mouth-feel, body and balance in the cup. We consider how the coffee will be served (barista made, with or without milk for example, versus encapsulated and thus designed for consistency and performance through a range of different equipment). In short, we can tailor a coffee blend specifically to meet any clients' taste or market objectives


And Whitebeans™ delivers expertise and artisan product effectively, quickly, and profitably... so you can give your customers the best


Andrew Richardson

Coffee + Consulting Bio


Richardson provides artisan coffee consultancy to clients across the global FMCG, luxury goods, hospitality and HoReCa markets. His remit generally includes strategy, NPD and new market launch. Formerly CEO of a Nespresso Compatible capsule marketer he expanded this FMCG business into many global markets. Richardson also has 20+ years experience working with SME's and multi-nationals in diverse industry, market and business cultures. A communicator and influencer with instinctive appreciation of stakeholder perspectives (from the customer to the board), Richardson is passionate about delivering results to any business committed to expansion, new markets and its brand


He co-founded CBM; a consultancy helping European and US clients develop their transatlantic markets. He then co-founded a distribution business, marketing commercial espresso machines throughout N. America, later developing espresso recipes and a national coffee brand, and won unprecedented acclaim for his espresso blends. In 1997 he launched a franchised espresso bar business in the UK, later selling the brand and IP. Richardson was then headhunted to an appointment as a Senior Business Director with Nespresso in UK, EU, USA, AU, Russian and Spanish markets. He later worked with iconic British tea and coffee retailer, Whittard of Chelsea, leading development of its US and international markets


In 2014 Richardson directed speciality consultancy projects in NE England, the French Alps, Jamaica, Italy, London, Spain and UK nationwide. Products included new coffee blend developments, capsule engineering for a global brand, encapsulation technology development, wine / coffee matching and blending, coffee-shop franchising, and a new coffee technology product introduction.

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