Artisan and Third Wave coffee

A step beyond 'Mmmm' ...


Third Wave coffee is a term that seems to be gaining popularity only now, though Whitebeans™ founder was practicing the principles of 'third wave' 15 years before he even heard of the term!


So what is 'Third Wave' coffee? Well its generally defined by the following statement: "What Starbucks was to Nestle and Maxwell House coffees 25 years ago (ie: a huge step forward in quality and choice at the time), 'third wave coffee' today, is to Starbucks"


As opposed to the commoditized cappuccino's, latte's and mocha's churned out by global coffee chains, third wave coffee stands for absolute quality, and greater choice. It embraces ethical fair-trade and coffee grower community issues, attention to roasting, and superior blending skills on the production side. And artisan coffee preparation by the barista (or by Whitebeans™ where a barista wont be involved in preparing each cup. ie: single serve and encapsulated products)

Looking after coffee producing communities makes sense for our industry's longevity. Helping them grow quality beans by demanding consistency and paying a premium for it helps their families afford better education so they can continue to innovate for the next generation of coffee drinkers


Ultimately, at the very top end of the market we achieve product and consumer loyalty with taste experiences we create.


But make no mistake ! Whitebeans doesnt create just ridiculously expensive coffee. Our primary focus is working with our clients to create commercially viable products for specific markets. And we're damn good at it ! Whitebeans is usually the quiet force in the background that helps our clients create distinctive products. And for our products to be distinctive they must be incredible. We do this every day. We do coffee that makes you say 'Wow!'


Companies like Nespresso in the single serve coffee market, Twinings tea, and Lindt (other well known brands are also available!) in speciality chocolate, have led the world in developing awareness for their respective brands over generations

Today, technology is available to do what these 'big-boys' do. But it remains extremely expensive to capitalise the equipment required to produce consistent commercial quality products unless you're producing millions of product units a week as they do


Meanwhile, consumer expectations around the globe have grown with the big brands' expansion - now they’re demanding more choices too


Private label products with Whitebeans™ are neither old-fashioned or sub-standard: We have the expertise and resources to deliver you a quality product line, and a brand, that will look, work and taste even better than branded global market leaders


" We dont do private label products like they

used to be done in years gone by. Our private

label programs will maximize your corporate

brand positioning and profits with competitive

quality products "


Whitebeans™ brings together clients and resources to produce premium quality, artisan consumable products that can become brands in their own right. We help you get started on the road towards global market penetration


We do it because the global demand for better quality will never stop, and we want to see speciality coffee, tea and chocolate done right*, rather than its reputation tarnished by bit-players who cut corners. Hence our very specific focus on 'bean' business


* "done right", in our book, means great quality AND profitable !

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